Self Love & Procrastination

Can’t stop procrastinating? This might help.

You are probably reading this blog because you took my Sparkle Archetype Quiz and got The Rebel as your result OR you are a highly creative person who can’t seem to stop procrastinating.

Whoever you are, I want you to know this one thing: Procrastinating isn’t bad!

Most of us learned procrastinating was bad from a very young age and throughout our lives we hear “last-minute shaming” wherever we go.

The sooner we can accept that leaving things until the last minute is super normal, the sooner we can move on and be happier with ourselves.

not only is procrastination normal, it is essential.
especially, if you are The Rebel archetype.

Rebels are naturally expressive risk takers and often need to feel the danger of almost missing a deadline in order for her magick to fully come out. She thrives on those little shots of adrenaline that surge through in an intense situation. Not everyone can do that.

While procrastinating is totally normal and a core part of how you operate, it is important to note that it doesn’t always have the healthiest effects.

When you procrastinate in an unhealthy way, a few things happen:

  • You don’t eat properly

  • When you do eat, it is rushed and barely fuels you with healthy sustenance

  • Your sleeping patterns are out of whack as you alternate between all-nighters and sleeping through your alarm clock

  • You get sick more often than you’d like to

  • You develop physical, stress related ailments like acne, indigestion, or gray hairs

  • Your work suffers because you cannot sustain this unhealthy lifestyle

  • Your self esteem suffers because you’re always in a rush or feel like you’re behind schedule

If you are feeling any of these symptoms or something similar, it is likely you are procrastinating in an unhealthy way.

Great news, my dear fellow Rebel, I have the antidote! (cue confetti).

The antidote to unhealthy procrastination is:

Setting Appropriate and Aligned Deadlines to Stay on Task.

Believe me, I know this is easier said than done. That’s why most of us need help doing this.

Here’s how I helped Patricia:

Patricia is an artist who loved to paint but, she hadn’t picked up a paintbrush in months. She was so focused on her full-time job and staying financially afloat that she couldn’t make time for a craft that she not only loved, she was also extremely talented at. I was able to help Patricia be honest with herself and activate her deepest desires about her art while still being responsible at her full-time job. In less than two weeks, Patricia was commissioned to create two custom pieces of art and doubled her income! She was even able to feel happier at her job, too. Patricia learned that you don’t have to sacrifice your joy for responsibility. You can have both.

Let me help you too. I wrote a whole blog on setting deadlines.

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