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Intuitive Readings & Healing Sessions

I provide private, 1-on-1 intuitive readings & healing sessions for clients all around the world and I would be delighted to help you.

I can help you raise your vibration by deepening self-love and helping you get into Aligned Activation.

Aligned Activation means no matter what is going on in your life you will feel confident, clear, and invigorated about what to do next. You will feel excited about what’s possible and clear away any fogginess and emotional debris that could be in the way of your abundance and well-being.

I will hold sacred space for Divine Wisdom and the natural Healer within you to emerge. You will leave each session with clarity + practical tips for moving forward.

Intuitive Readings

  • Spirit Guidance (guidance from our Ascended Masters and your Spirit guides)
  • Oracle Card Reading (multiple decks to choose from)
  • Chakra Tuning (energetically align your chakras + practical tips for getting them back into balance)
All intuitive readings are available at 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 1 hour. 15 minute sessions are conducted via text. All other session lengths are conducted via phone or Zoom. Group readings & sessions also available.
First time Reading & Healing clients get a 25% discount. Use coupon code FIRSTTIME


I signed up for a 30 minute session with Amelia and it over exceeded my expectations. I thought I what just getting a tarot reading to help me with general direction and focus for my life but I got A LOT more than that. Amelia did a bit of chakra work and brought to light some areas of my life that needed attention and healing in order to move forward. She helped me uncover the areas of my life that are blocking my path and also showed me the areas of my life where I have a lot of power and strength and that are just waiting for the path to be open. She then provided the tools to work on them. Then the reading followed and it was on point. We discussed past, present, and future and it sort of reinforced some of the things that came up when we started the session and it gave me a clear vision of what needs to happen. Amelia was gentle, kind and non judgmental. It was very easy to relax and open up to her but I did not need to share personal details for her work to happen. I got the sense that she didn't follow a script and that she was guided by my energy to decide how the session will go. I loved it and I found the real focus, not the kind of focus I was expecting to find.

Leslie O (New York, NY)
Mother & CEO of Leslie O Public Relations

Healing Sessions

  • Hypnotherapy (reprogram your subconscious mind to increase confidence, eliminate bad habits, overcome fears, and reduce stress)
  • Therapeutic Imagery (Receive guidance from your Highest Self and subconscious mind. Great for any issue or question.)
  • Past & Future Life Regression (solve issues from past lives or glean wisdom from future lives)
Hypnotherapy & Therapeutic Imagery sessions are always 50 minutes. Past and Future Life Regressions are always 2-3 hours long. Healing sessions are conducted via Zoom. Group readings & sessions also available.
First time Reading & Healing clients get a 25% discount. Use coupon code FIRSTTIME

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Amelia Fortes, C.Ht. is a Therapeutic Imagery Master and graduated with Highest Honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, CA.

Amelia is incredibly passionate, kind, and optimistic. Just being in her presence allows me to feel light and lift up my vibration! Her spirit is so lovely and infectious that you cannot help but smile when you are around her. She has truly taught me the art of self love and her words are truly uplifting. I am a member of her Self Love Community and her life anecdotes were so inspiring that it has allowed me to shift and to manifest my dream lover!

Ellen Phan (Los Angeles, CA)
CEO of Hypnosis Heals

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  • Learn how to undo and let go of unhealthy dating patterns even if you’ve had them all your life

  • Discover the right way to choose your partner - it isn’t what you’d expect!

  • Date an abundance of single AND emotionally available men while feeling sexy, radiant, and safe

  • Prepare for and build a partnership with the right person without feeling overwhelmed or scared one of you might fuck it up

All of this is a guaranteed game changer but…. It isn’t for everyone.

This journey is only for women who are:

  1. Action takers - you’re willing to do what it takes to get what you want
  2. Willing to take responsibility and trust the process - All of your knowledge and habits led you up to this point and now you’re ready and excited to discover blind spots, overcome obstacles, and create a new reality for yourself even when it might feel difficult at times
  3. Ready to share the fruits of their labor with someone truly special - You likely feel successful in almost every other area of your life except love and relationships. You’re clear there’s something in the way and you’re ready to overcome that something and share your success with your man. The best part is, he’s ready for you too!

If you’re ready to find your man and you’re a professional woman who doesn’t have time to fuck around then this journey is for you. Book a call with me to discuss the deets!


I generally host classes and workshops once a month. I am also frequently invited to participate in video, audio, pre-recorded and live interviews, and featured as a guest on shows to provide expert commentary.

Check the calendar for upcoming workshops and feel free to explore past events. 


Book Amelia as a Speaker

Looking for an experienced speaker, host, or master of ceremonies? – Let's chat!

I’m also joyfully available for: video, audio, pre-recorded and live interviews, features, guest appearances, and expert commentary. 

My fave topics to discuss include:


dating, romantic relationships, friendship, and family dynamics


making epic career transitions, moving away from home, transitioning from employee to entrepreneur


starting or deepening your mindfulness practice and incorporating it into your life


from domestic violence, bad break ups, losing a loved one, addiction


dreams, dream translation, transforming negative self talk


how to feel comfortable in front of a camera or live audience

Amelia Fortes is one of the top motivational speakers today. Click the button below to get on my calendar!