Welcome to The Journey Towards Deeper Self-Love for Professional Women who are ready for a bold, juicy life and don’t have time to fuck around.

I would be delighted to support you on this journey. I can help you Raise your Vibration by deepening self-love and showing you how to live a life in Aligned Activation. Aligned Activation means no matter what is going on in your life you will feel confident, clear, and invigorated about what to do next.

You will feel excited about what’s possible for you and have cleared away any fogginess and emotional debris that could be in the way of you seeing the abundance and wellbeing that is already there. I do this work via therapeutic imagery, hypnotherapy, intuitive readings, and life/relationship coaching.

I know how you feel.

You’ve been at this thing called life for decades and you’re tired. You have some successes and know you have great potential, yet you’re feeling unresolved and frustrated about some parts of your life. You have a deep knowing that life can be so much greater yet you find yourself struggling too much sometimes. It’s beyond rough out there for a bad-ass, woman on a mission like you.

It may be shitty but it’s not hopeless. I promise.

There is more success, abundance, and deep romantic love in this great wide Universe than you can even handle in one lifetime. (No lie!).

If this is what you want, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

Congratulations, lady, you have found the solution!

(cue confetti).

But first, I have to keep it real with you.


The way to a life of Aligned Activation isn’t going to be what you think it is.

The personal development world out there is full of blogs, books, and how-to lists on creating a worthy and meaningful life. (But most of what you’ll find just doesn’t work.)

You’ll read about ways you can fix any part of your life in “just 5 easy steps” but, this is unrealistic and false advertising.

You’ll attend “life-changing workshops” that will energize and uplift you temporarily then,

you’ll go back home to the same limiting beliefs that plagued you since you were six.

You’ll try hundreds of techniques and dozens of strategies and those will work for a while but most don’t create long-lasting, life-changing, transformation.

A lot of coaches and transformational leaders out there will promise you 30-day programs and “proven methods” to achieve what you want in life. (But, your life is unique and one of a kind! Fitting it into a cookie-cutter process doesn’t make sense.)


If all these one-size-fits-all formulas and “proven methods” worked, you would’ve already found the hand book and we’d be talking about how to plan your next epic vacation right now.

Off-the-self-help-shelf “rules” and “tactics” don’t work because the real way to magnetize your deepest desires starts with YOU.

Your epic life story MUST start with your self love story.

And that’s where I come in.

I help my clients gain crystal clarity around what they truly want and make exciting and bold choices without needing to suffer through hours of indecision and unconscious self-sabotage.


And who am I?

I am a New York University bachelor’s degree holding computer engineer, business boss babe, world traveling, professional speaker, and self-love coach who manifested her very own handsome life partner, apartment by the beach, and growing online business using the very same principles and teachings that are offered in the services I provide.

Fun facts? My man and I were on a National Chevy car commercial that aired during a pivotal Manny Pacquiao fight AND I won thousands of dollars and a free trip to Vegas on a game show…. All in ONE summer!

Your life has no limits. Let me help you.

Be bold. Do what the ordinary fear.

My Journey: From Desperate to Dreamgirl



That is a photo of me dancing with yet another random cute guy at a nightclub in New York City.

I was completely disconnected from the fact that I was lonely AND terrified of men. Intimacy was excruciating and I was partying to numb the pain.

I used humor, intelligence, and sassy remarks to keep men at arm’s length. I was a BULLDOZER. (Good men just weren't approaching me or asking me out).

I hated happy couples. I wanted what they had but I couldn’t fathom how to get there. I cruised from club to club and hook up to hook up before realizing I was miserable and needed to make a change.



(THE PLACE we're going)

The photo on the right is of me and my boo thang, Justin.

We live together in a beautiful complex 8 minutes from the ocean in Huntington Beach, CA and are setting ourselves up for a marriage and kids.

I wake up every day with a delicious, tall, dark, and handsome man by my side as my equal and partner.

Our journey together has been freeing and our love continues to grow deeper roots every day.

You can have this and so much more.

And there’s no one in the world better than me to show you how to get it.


I’ve studied life, love, relationships, and the cosmos since I was 6 years old. There is so much I know and so much I can give you. All you have to do is receive it.

This is a journey for professional women who are ready for a bold, juicy life and do not have time to fuck around.

If that’s you and you’re ready, here’s what you’ll get…

  • Learn how to undo and let go of unhealthy, self-sabotaging patterns even if you’ve had them all your life

  • Discover the right way to create an empowering action plan - it isn’t what you’d expect!

  • Capitalize on an abundance of opportunities that were probably there all along

  • Achieve great success while feeling sexy, radiant, and safe

  • Prepare for and build a prosperous life filled with loyal people, deep love, and radiant happiness without feeling overwhelmed or scared you might fuck it up

All of this is a guaranteed game changer but…

It isn’t for everyone.


This journey is only for women who are:

  1. Action takers - you’re willing to do what it takes to get what you want

  2. Willing to take responsibility and trust the process - All of your knowledge and habits led you up to this point and you’re ready and excited to discover blind spots, overcome obstacles, and create a new reality for yourself even if it might feel difficult at times

  1. Ready to step into your power, be bold, and feel successful - You know you’re capable of greatness but, you’re clear there are some things in the way. You’re ready to overcome those things and share your successes with everyone around you. The best part is, the world is ready for you too!

If you’re ready to live a bold and juicy life and you’re a professional woman who doesn’t have time to fuck, around then working with me might be the right step for you.


Book a call with me to discuss the deets!

On this call, we will:

  1. Discover which habits and patterns are tripping you up the most
  2. Determine better ways to approach (and respond to) the situations in your life
  3. Decide your next best action step towards your bold, juicy life (the world is waiting!)
This call is completely free and my gift to you.


It is my mission to change the world by getting as many strong, independent women (like you) loved up on and decked out the way they deserve.

Your throne awaits.


What my clients say

Amelia Fortes is the most enthusiastic coach I’ve ever encountered. Her capacity to communicate love and care while firmly moving people through personal and professional transformation/breakthrough is unmatched. I would confidently send any of my friends or colleagues to learn and grow from her years of skill and dedication to changing people’s lives for good.

Karla Mosley (Los Angeles, CA)
Actress, The Bold and the Beautiful

Amelia is PASSION on steroids… She creates a fun way to teach self-care physically, emotionally, and spiritually and also helps you develop a game plan to achieve clear, measurable results. Amelia is young at heart with tons of experience and her unique style is exuberant, intellectual, and multicultural. She’s genuine, kind, and not afraid to give you tough love when you need it!

Bruce Avery (Hempstead, NY)
General Manager, WRHU Radio Hofstra University 88.7FM

I have been working with Amelia for years. She has never made me feel that any dream of mine was unrealistic. With her coaching and support I made an epic career change, transformed my day to day routine and have created a healthy romantic life. This is really a ‘whole’ life coach that you are reading about here. From your interview skills to your spiritual life: if you have got the willingness, she will help you revolutionize it.

Tanya Antonio (New York, NY)
Founder, Above The Glass Ceiling

Coaching with Amelia is like talking to an incredibly wise, supportive, and caring best friend. She asks thought-provoking questions and then listens with an open heart, without judgement, to provide empathetic, actionable advice. I always come away from my sessions with Amelia with a greater understanding of myself, awareness of my life, and blissful self-love. It’s impossible to talk to Amelia and not come away feeling empowered, inspired and energized.

Kristi Allain (Los Angeles, CA)
Dating Coach & Bestselling Author

Amelia is hands down one of my all-time favorite people to work with because of her coaching style. Amelia takes a direct, tough love approach, digging straight to the core because she genuinely wants to help you grow in your own self love to achieve new heights. Amelia also provides applicable & creative feedback with actionable steps. I have reached results much quicker than any other coach I have ever worked with.

Reece Johnston (Charlotte, NC)
Lyricist, Gen H.Y.P.E.

I had the honor of working with Amelia in the capacity of a professional coach.  I was at a point in my life where I was only focusing on my career and needed the tools regain my work life balance. Through Amelia’s coaching process she was easily able to help me define what a work life balance actually meant to me: a consistent work out routine, spending time with family, and having adventures.  One day I showed up late to our scheduled call, out of breath and completely unprepared Amelia asked me what I was doing, I replied with a guilty tone that I had taken a spur of the moment adventure to ski in the mountains. She then began to praise me for doing the things I had said I wanted to do from our first meeting and encouraged me to feel the guilt and do it anyway.  We ended our call after five minutes and I enjoyed the rest of the day on the mountain!

Christina Classen (Cleveland, OH)
CEO, The Little Business Shop & Creator, Zero Shades of Gray

Working with Amelia has been an extraordinarily healing experience. Through Dream Translation, she has helped me see myself in a new way, encouraging me to explore avenues that I never knew were possible. Her way of decoding the emotional language of dreams has been incredibly powerful and enlightening for me. She is warm, whimsical and nurturing, I am forever grateful for her help and our shared love of thai iced tea.

Meredith Murdock (Burbank, CA)
Founder, Meredith Makeup Design

Amelia helped me define what my goals are, my main focus in life, and my why. She starts by asking the necessary questions and then goes in depth by focusing on the blocks to my success and how to break through them (with necessary action steps). She helped build my confidence and self-esteem and giving me a sense of purpose in life. After our conversation, I felt inspired and motivated to strive for greatness and knew exactly what I had to do to get there.

Jamell Crouthers (New York, NY)
Author & Poet, The Struggles and Growth of a Man

Amelia’s sessions are amazing! Immediately Amelia made me feel comfortable and supported. She asked the proper questions, and gave me feedback that opened my mind—and some emotions. You could tell that she was completely genuine, humble, and non judgmental. She shared little pieces of her that displayed honest dialogue and trust. Thanks beautiful! I look forward to connecting with you in the future. Stay encouraged and be blessed.

Whitney Hooks (Long Beach, CA)
Entrepreneur, Beachbody Coach

Amelia is a bonafide genius in the life coaching realm and I do not say this lightly. 
If you are lookin for someone with a healing and empowering presence, who has the intuitive ability to see you at your full potential and help you to embrace it and take action towards it she is your gal. She's just got a magical way about her and I'm so blessed to have the 'Amelia Fortes sparkle' in my life. Thank you Amelia for always reminding me of my power and where I'm headed. Thank you for reminding me to never settle for anything less than what I deserve. P.S. I'm gonna use your services again, cause you're the real deal.

Natalie Kabenjian (Los Angeles, CA)
Actress, SAG-AFTRA

Amelia is a wonderful, powerful woman with amazing energy. She's so easy to connect with and so personable. Speaking with her was rejuvenating and encouraging. I highly recommend her readings!

Francesca Parreñas (Los Angeles, CA)

Great coaching with real practical results. She comes from a place of understanding with room for growth and ability to move forward with your own ideas as well as developing your own self love story

Jake Pesquira (New York, NY)
Dancer & Choreographer, Rhythm City Ent.

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