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How to Set Deadlines and Stay on Task

Setting appropriate and aligned deadlines to help you stay on task is essential when you find yourself having issues with procrastination and getting things done.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

With an Employer or Boss:

  1. When you are asked to do something for work, always, always, always ask your boss for a deadline. If they don’t give one to you, simply practice asking “When do you need this by?”

    This technique works great when friends ask for favors, too.

  2. When you are given more tasks on top of your already busy to-do list, always ask for the priority of the task. Simply practice with saying something like “Thanks! I’ll put it on my to do list but, before I do, would you mind telling me how this falls on the priority list compared to the other things you gave me to do?”

    • Your boss might not remember everything they have asked you to do, so you can remind them.

    • You can also say “Thanks! I am currently working on XYZ project you gave me, which one should I do first?”

With Your Own Work:

  1. Always set reasonable deadlines for your own work.

  2. Give yourself a buffer time to allow for last minute things to come up. For example, if you know you can complete a project in a week, give yourself a week and a half to two weeks to get it done.

  3. Break up your tasks into smaller and smaller pieces and set a deadline for each step.

  4. Celebrate your progress along the way! Literally, celebrate every, single, step.

  5. Use a calendar to keep track of your deadlines.

  6. Use a to do list to keep track of the smaller items on your list. Cheer yourself on like crazy every time you cross off an item.

  7. Don’t let your to do list get too long, you want to set yourself up for success.

  8. Make your daily to do list with the top 3 items that will make you feel over the moon amazing after accomplishing them!

Remember, these are just a few things to get you started.

Setting appropriate and aligned deadlines is a lifelong practice that takes time to truly master.

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