Self Love & Politics

Getting into politics is an extreme act of self-love.

To research candidates and propositions and then proudly choose the ones you believe in is like a shot of the best and healthiest self-love adrenaline.

It’s not about if the politicians care about you.

It’s about if you care enough about yourself to learn about the issues and let your voice be heard.

It’s not about which politician is perfect.
(Hint: no one is).

It’s about the ones you want to represent you in the board rooms that make decisions about how your country, state, city, and town are run.

There are a million decisions that need to be made every single day by every single person on this planet.

Who do you want to be responsible for some of yours?

We don’t get to vote for our parents but we do get to vote for our political leaders.

So you better care.

Voting is a PRIVILEGE. Don’t waste it.

Vote. You matter.