Self Love & Perfectionism

Accessing Your Inner Rebel - How to Get Out of Your Head & Stop Over Analyzing Everything

If you’re reading this, you most likely took my Sparkle Archetype Quiz and got The Alchemist as a result OR

you’re seeking a practical way to overcome the proverbial “analysis paralysis”.

Before we get into it, I just want to get one thing out of the way…

Being an analyzer isn’t a bad thing.

There is an entire population of the world that desperately needs analyzers like you.

However, over analyzing and getting stuck in your head can get in the way of greatness (and we don’t want that).

So, how do you find a balance?

Below are some steps to help get you started…

STEP 1 - honor what is so great about being an analyzer, or as I like to call you…

The Alchemist.

The Alchemist is the magician of the group.

She has a keen ability to get sh*t done with utmost efficiency. Many may criticize her for being “over analytical” or “too much of a perfectionist” but, she knows she is the woman you want (and desperately need) on your planning team.

The Alchemist understands the importance of having and executing a well thought out plan.

And no one executes plans better than her. She is committed to creating a bullet proof product and oftentimes cares little to nothing about the glory.

Her main satisfaction in life is "getting it done".

Want to know if you are The Alchemist archetype? Take the “What’s your Sparkle Archetype?” quiz now!

STEP 2 - reframe the word PERFECTIONIST.

Many people view being a perfectionist as a bad thing but, I like to look at it as a commitment to excellence.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to create quality work every single time.

Just make sure you give yourself permission to have fun and make mistakes.

STEP 3 - understand WHEN and HOW overanalyzing gets in the way of Greatness.

One of my mentors once told me:

"If you're not a little bit nervous about releasing your work to the world, you waited too long to release it."

This quote is a call to action to be committed to excellence in all you do but don’t let that commitment hold you back from putting yourself out there or “pulling the trigger”.

Your work and art will continue to evolve so don’t let the fear of “not getting it right” keep you from releasing it.

The world needs to see your work.

Too much work is kept on the shelves and never released to the public for fear of imperfections.

Don’t let “analysis paralysis” get in the way.

That project you're thinking of right now?
It's ready. Release it now. Tweak it later.

Step 4 - practice giving yourself large doses of the Antidotes to “Analysis Paralysis”

Below are some antidotes:

1. make Mistakes! (Lots of them). Mistakes are how you learn.

From the time we were kids, it has been drilled into us that mistakes are a bad thing. Teachers hemorrhaged all over our test papers, blatantly pointing out our mistakes in bright, red ink.

We’ve been conditioned to be afraid of making mistakes and allowing our mistakes to send us into a downward spiral of shame.

The problem is,

The fear of making mistakes kills creativity and fun.

So, boldly give yourself permission to make mistakes knowing full well that you will learn from them and become a better person in the process.

2. Be Spontaneous. Dare to go off script.

I know for an Alchemist like you, making plans is how you survive. Plans give you some semblance of control in this mad, crazy world. I get it!

But here’s the thing, most of the world’s best discoveries were found by making mistakes and deviating from the plan.

Don’t take yourself too seriously and be willing to deviate from the plan every now and then. (Your checklist won’t mind).

3. Try something new (and let yourself be bad at it!).

I know that for you being bad at something is pretty much out of the question. But, there’s something magical and innocent about being completely new to something and (gulp) even being bad at it.

Give yourself permission to practice a beginner's mindset and try things that scare you.

You may learn a thing or two along the way and, it will definitely build character.

Last STEP (but, certainly not least) - commit to a lifelong practice of Cultivating Joy & Playfulness in your life.

Life is too short to be taking things so seriously. You’re too young and full of life to be constantly worried about things going perfectly (and yes, I say this to you no matter how old you are).

I could write a whole blog on this topic alone.

For now, I leave you with this……

Being analytical isn't a bad thing but, staying stuck there is.

Whenever you can, try and catch yourself when you get stuck and do something fun to mix up the energy!

You’ve got tons of ideas right here to get you started. I know they will help you.

Kelly’s Alchemist Success Story

When I met Kelly, she was an accomplished business owner with two employees in her consulting firm. She created great success with her keen ability to save money and get things done efficiently. Everyone around her was amazed at her ability to tie up loose ends, keep all i’s dotted, and all t’s crossed. However, when I met her, she felt she hit a plateau. She wanted to grow her team to accommodate the huge influx of new client prospects but, was having trouble managing her current employees and workload. Kelly hired me to help her continue growing her business. Even though Kelly built a well oiled machine, she needed to free up some of her time so she could focus on growing her business. Through our work together, I helped her loosen up control and place more trust in her existing team members. I helped her keep a high-level view of her business and team while also practicing a little spontaneity and going off the cuff. A few months into our work together, she was able to hire two more employees and take on five more clients, and counting! Kelly learned how to let go of perfectionism and harness the gifts of Rebel and Priestess energy and became a much better leader as a result.

Still stuck in your head?

No worries, click here to send me a message and I’ll help you out.