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Accessing Your Inner Priestess - How to Create Deeper Connection with People

As someone who cares very deeply about people, I didn’t always think I had trouble connecting with them.

But it became very obvious to me a few years ago when I was one of the leaders of a competitive dance team and none of my members ever came to me for emotional support.

They would always go to someone else no matter how much I told them they could always talk to me.

I didn’t get it. Why couldn’t people come to me?

I learned over time that I give off some pretty serious Ice Queen vibes (which isn’t exactly an open invitation for the warm and fuzzies).

I’m okay with the fact that I’ve got an Ice Queen vibe going on however, it gets in the way when I truly want to go deep and connect with another person.

Because of this, I’ve had to really practice accessing my Inner Priestess and now, I can teach you how to do it too!

There are a few, practical ways to access your Inner Priestess and invite her into your daily communication.

Below are some quick and easy tips to get you started.

The list below isn’t everything, but it’s a good start to get the warm and fuzzies flowing.

With everything you do, always practice an energy of gratitude and appreciation.

I mean with everything! From having conversations to working in groups to writing emails and sending texts.

If you’re not in an energy of gratitude and appreciation, I recommend getting some rest or quality alone/recharge time before interacting with anyone else. A good meal always helps too.

Once you’ve cultivated your gratitude and appreciation, below are some tips to bring that into your daily communication style.

When responding to emails or texts,

  • Always thank the person for their message before crafting your response. This can be as simple as inserting “Thank you for your message!” or “Great question, thank you for asking.” before your responses.

  • Do not multitask. Give responses your full, thoughtful, undivided attention. If you are unable to do this, wait until later to respond.

  • Avoid one word responses whenever possible.

When asking someone to do something,

  • Add in a question at the end to confirm they are okay with what you are asking i.e. “Would this be okay with you?” or “How do you feel about this?”

  • Always include a note of gratitude where appropriate i.e. “Thank you so much for taking care of this.” or “I know I’ve been preoccupied lately but, I really do appreciate the hard work you have been putting into this project.”

Always have a priestess archetype around to support you

Another, very practical solution, is to either have someone on your team who is a Priestess archetype or a good friend you can call on from time to time.

I often get “stuck” in Ice Queen mode especially when I am under pressure or laser focused on getting things done.

Having this awareness, helps me call on the Priestesses in my life when I need their help.

Recognize what situations often put you in your “Ice Queen” mode and have your squad of Priestess friends on standby to support you.

Every hustler always needs at least one Priestess around to help her out.

I call on my Priestess friends and teammates to help me with:

  1. Writing emails and text messages

  2. Preparing for important, difficult conversations

  3. Processing through my frustrations and feelings

  4. Communicating my frustrations and feelings in a way that is helpful to everyone involved

Eileen’s Success Story with Accessing her Inner Priestess

Eileen is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur and I cares deeply for other people. However, she often had challenges with deeper intimacy and wondered why members of her team did not open up to her. She felt she gave enough permission for people to confide in her and tell the truth when they were having trouble. Eileen did not realize that she was unconsciously protecting herself with an “Ice Queen” personality. Eileen was taught to prioritize getting things done and staying laser focused on generating results. I assured her that nothing was wrong with her. I taught her to see this Ice Queen personality is what made her so successful however, it is most likely the thing that gets in the way of her relationships. I helped her learn how to honor her Ice Queen personality while also accessing her Inner Priestess so she could feel closer to the people in her life. Through our work together, Eileen was able to double productivity and speak at more events due to her increased ability to connect more deeply with the people around her.

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