Self-Love Oracle Deck + 45 Minute Reading

Self-Love Oracle Deck + 45 Minute Reading


A very special deal for you: Get your self-love oracle deck + a 45 minute intuitive reading!

About the Reading:

Amelia Fortes, C. Ht. is an intuitive self-love healer and developed the self-love chakra tuning system to quickly help you get back into energetic alignment with your goals and dreams.

This 45-minute reading will include a self-love chakra tuning plus some intuitive guidance for you.

About the deck:

If you are currently a human being on planet earth, Self Love is a vital ingredient for creating a truly meaningful and satisfying life.

This 44 card oracle deck is a collection of important self-love lessons from over 600 lifetimes. It translates guidance from other dimensions in a way that is relatable to you, the modern mystic.

For your convenience, the deck is divided into six categories (money, career, relationships, spirituality, body, and community). You can work with the entire deck, or one category at a time.

The cards are 3.5 x 5 in (8.89 x 12.7 cm), printed on high quality card stock with a gloss finish, and are accompanied by a guidebook.

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