Self Love & Relationships

Change is possible but, it comes from within.


For the longest time, it was hard for me to look anyone in the eyes let alone a man I liked!

For years I wondered why no one would look at me the way the heroes looked at the princesses. I went back and forth between pining for dudes who weren't really interested, to mistreating dudes who were too interested, to trying to change dudes who would never be right.

I thought I had to change my body, my hair color, my nose, my face.

I thought I had to change my personality and be over sexed and under appreciated. I thought I had to go on a million dates with a million people because "it's a numbers game, right?". I thought I had to read all these books about Mars & Venus, acting like a lady, & thinking like a man. I thought I had to be coached on all the ways to "get the dude to text you back".

I thought all the wrong things because true love isn't taught in schools and certainly not in the movies or on TV.

And you certainly won't find it in some class or in the pages of some book.

It was only when I learned to look at MYSELF the way the heroes looked at the princesses that I no longer even cared for "some boy" to look at me like that.

So, naturally, that's when I found someone who would (and does every day). :)

Change is possible but it comes from within.

If your outer world isn't reflecting back to you what you want, you must look and change from within...

I love you.

Your ideal relationship is out there.


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