How to be Unstoppable

Be Unstoppable: Alter Your Relationship with Fear


My gymnastics coach Elias said something to me that I will never forget and have carried with me since I was 13 years old:

“There will always be fear but you can USE that fear. Use the fear to push you to do it and get it done!”

This was when I was practicing tricks on the balance beam.

Anyone that has done cartwheels and back handsprings on a balance beam knows it can be a really scary place to be. That day, I used Elias’ words to push me through and stick every landing. He was pleased that his words were effective in that space but if only he knew just how they have impacted my entire life…

The balance beam became my metaphor for trying anything new.

Any time I have been afraid, his words rang through my mind. If you try to ignore the fear or pretend it’s not there, it works against you. When you acknowledge it and not only act in the face of it but also USE it to move forward, that is where you are launched to new heights you never thought possible.

I actually remember that this is the quote that was sticking with me that had me enrolled in Momentum Education, the training program that supported me in changing the course of my life in all aspects. I remember when I had just taken the Basic workshop, I was still on the fence about taking the Advanced course. When someone said the Advanced course “alters your relationship with fear”, it was a done deal. I was in it to win it.

Whether you take a course or try to move through obstacles in life yourself, just know fear will always be there.

When you learn how to be in relationship with it and use it, that is what makes you unstoppable.

*Amelia Fortes is a lifestyle edutainer and intuitive coach who travels all around the United States empowering people to make better life decisions and to see the world. Visit to book Amelia for speaking or coaching services.

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