A Self-Love Assessment by Amelia Fortes, C. Ht.

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Self-Love is the lifelong practice that has been taking the personal development world by storm.

In the spirit of this amazing movement, I have decided to bring one of my foundational tools for deepening self-love to you: Your Sparkle Archetype™!

The Sparkle Archetype™ has helped hundreds of women deepen their self-love and find a profound appreciation for who they truly are.

They have been able to let go of shame and eliminate obstacles to their success simply by understanding the unique and special way they sparkle.

For the first time ever, you get to have this super fun (and revealing) assessment ONLINE!


I have facilitated the 90-minute, in-person Sparkle Archetype™ Experience for hundreds of people all over the United States

It is my pleasure to finally be able to bring it to you in digital format!

Take the Sparkle Archetype™ Online Assessment AKA the simplest & shortest Self-Love Quiz EVER!


How does it work?

After answering 2 simple questions, you will learn your Sparkle Archetype™ and it will jump start a whole new journey to greater confidence, better co-working experiences, and exhilarating results!


What is your Sparkle Archetype™?


Your Sparkle Archetype™ is the simple yet, profound and unique way YOU shine. It is the truest you when you are doing your BEST work.

You know that feeling when you're "in the zone" and you are just "KILLIN' IT"? Time just flew by because you were having a great time and knew you were doing an amazing job.

You felt that way because you were truly living IN YOUR SPARKLE!

“Improving your Weaknesses” is the FATAL LIE we’ve been taught to believe in since we were little.

I am sick and tired of people training us to compare ourselves to others and focus on our WEAKNESSES or what we DON’T have.

We should be taught to focus on and celebrate our STRENGTHS so we can make them even better and truly shine in the world!

Everyone wins when we’re happily sharing our gifts and living in our Sparkle….


  It's important to know your Sparkle Archetype™ because:

  1. You will achieve a deep and intimate understanding and acceptance of why you're f*cking awesome at the sh*t you do! - This means greater self-esteem, deeper self-love, and permission to be unapologetic about who you are and what makes you great.

  2. The more you understand your own Sparkle Archetype™, the easier it will be for you to understand the greatness (and challenges) of others.... teammates, coworkers, friends, lovers, family, etc. When you understand your own Sparkle and the Sparkle of the people around you it makes it easier to work together, collaborate, and achieve optimal team synergy.

  3. It takes a lot more energy to go from crappy to mediocre than it does to go from naturally great to FIRST RATE EXCELLENCE. Why focus on your "weaknesses" just so you can be mediocre when you can focus on your NATURAL GREATNESS and achieve UNPARALLELED EXCELLENCE?

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
— Marianne Williamson

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