Are you The Rebel, The Priestess, The Queen, or The Alchemist?

See all possible Sparkle Archetypes below!

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The Rebel

The Rebel waits for no one. She is fierce. She is bold. She is expressive. She knows what she wants, how she feels, and readily lets the whole world know it. Throw her on stage or give her a mic, she’ll always have something to say and is ready to perform. Many might criticize her for procrastination or “being all over the place” but she knows this is what makes her special and that her best work comes in the last-minute. She needs to feel the danger of almost missing a deadline in order to inspire her Highest self to emerge.
Release Shame: Procrastination & “being all over the place” isn’t bad - it’s who you are! You thrive on those little shots of adrenaline that surge through you in an intense situation. Not everyone can do that. Just set deadlines and make sure you have an accountability partner or self-love coach to keep you in check and help you complete tasks.
Genius: Creativity & Jumping In
Motivation: Ideas & Change
Challenge: Completing tasks
Call on the Rebel when you need someone to: Brainstorm ideas, Switch up the energy, Come up with solutions when you’re stuck, Give an impromptu speech, Perform on stage last-minute or in a pinch.
What really helps the Rebel: Setting Deadlines! This keeps them on task and inspires their best work. They. need. Deadlines. Otherwise, nothing will get done.

When I first met Serena, a talented makeup artist, she already had a huge social media following and successful YouTube channel. She came to me seeking guidance during a transitional time in her career where she really wanted to shift the focus of her business. She wanted to separate herself from the “just make me look pretty” makeup artists and longed to create art that was meaningful with a strong message behind it. She had so many ideas swimming around but, due to her crazy work schedule, she was having trouble getting anything done. Even though she was doing so much busy work, she often ended each day feeling like she never truly made any progress. We started working together and I helped activate her deepest, truest Desire when it came to who she wanted to be as an artist. Then, we made a concrete plan on how to get her there. Through this process, she learned how to love being a Rebel and appreciate the gifts that made her special. I also helped her set appropriate deadlines that felt aligned with her innermost truth and Highest Self. Now, Serena not only loves being a Rebel but, she is also learning to master the tools and techniques that help a Rebel be their best.

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The Priestess

The Priestess is humble, nurturing, and kind. She is the person you trust and go to for emotional support. Many may criticize her for being “too sensitive” or “worrying too much about everyone else” but she knows she is the glue that holds everyone together and keeps the ship from sinking. Plus, she always has snacks on hand for when people get hungry! She is always considerate of people’s feelings and is a key element for boosting team morale and making sure everyone gets enough food and rest.
Release Shame: You’re not “too soft” or “too worrisome”. Your compassionate and bleeding heart is what makes you special! There would be a lot more war and bloodshed if it weren’t for the Priestesses. And, we’d all probably starve. Just make sure you have a good friend, partner, or self-love coach to help you set boundaries and make decisions.
Genius: Relationship & Team Morale
Motivation: People & Harmony
Challenge: Making Decisions
Call on the Priestess when you need someone to: Review your e-mails/texts to make sure they’re not too harsh/cold, Consider everyone’s feelings/needs - they always remember to have gluten-free + vegan options for lunch and bring extra blankets, sunscreen, and bug spray!
What really helps the Priestess: Don’t put her in charge of making decisions for the entire group, this is not where she thrives. If she has to be in charge of team decisions, help her access her Inner Queen.

When I first met Angie, an aspiring entrepreneur and certified fitness instructor, she had big hopes and dreams to leave the service industry and lead women’s empowerment classes and seminars. She received her certification as a fitness instructor earlier that year but did not yet start her business. She was scared to make the leap from her safe and secure job to being on her own as a teacher and leader. I assured her that I could help her make a clean and safe transition while also pushing her outside of her comfort zone. With my support, Angie was able to access her Inner Queen and begin leading paid workshops and classes in her local community. She enjoyed making a little extra money on the side while not feeling the pressure to leave her safety net. She knows that one day, she will be able to successfully transition to full-time fitness instructor and is proud of her progress every single day.

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The Queen

The Queen is comfortable with her opinions and leadership skills. Many may criticize her for being “icy” or “cold” but, she does not bother herself with whether or not you agree with her decisions and opinions. She knows her main priority is the best results for the most people. She is focused on finishing the tasks at hand and making sure her Queendom doesn’t fall apart. She does not concern herself with fluff. She is a woman on a mission and she makes sh*t happen - come hell or high water. If you’re ever stuck, the Queen will have no problem telling you what to do.
Release Shame: You’re not “too cold” or “too bitchy”. Your ability to see through the fluff and make decisions is what makes you an essential part of any team. You steer the ship and make things happen. You are a woman on a mission! Just make sure you have a trustworthy friend, partner, or self-love coach to remind you to consider other people’s feelings too. This will help you be a better leader.
Genius: Leadership & Making Decisions
Motivation: Results, Results, Results!
Challenge: Other people's feelings
Call on the Queen when you need someone to: Make decisions, Tell people what to do, Get results, Move the needle forward
What really helps the Queen: Don’t take things personally when working with her. Understand that her lack of expression does not mean she does not care about you, she is just focused on other things - like RESULTS! Gently remind her to consider people’s feelings when making decisions. She tends to have tunnel vision so it’s okay to let her know if she’s being too cold.

When I met Eileen, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, I could tell she had a huge heart and cared deeply for other people. However, she often had trouble connecting with people and wondered why members of her team would not open up to her. She felt she gave enough permission for people to confide in her and tell the truth when they were having trouble. She couldn’t understand why the people in her life weren’t doing that. I was able to help Eileen realize that she was unconsciously protecting herself with “Ice Queen” energy. From a young age, Eileen was taught to prioritize getting things done and staying laser focused on generating results over the “warm and fuzzy stuff”. I assured her that nothing was wrong with her. I taught her to see that her Ice Queen energy is what made her so successful however, it is most likely the thing that gets in the way of her relationships. I helped her learn how to honor this Ice Queen energy while also accessing her Inner Priestess so she could feel closer to the people in her life. Through our work together, Eileen was able to double productivity and speak at more events due to her increased ability to connect deeply with the people around her.

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The Alchemist

The Alchemist is the magician of the group. She has a keen ability to get sh*t done with utmost efficiency. Many may criticize her for being “too calculating” or always up in her head but, she knows she is the woman you want (and desperately need) on your planning team. She is so good at keeping all i’s dotted and all t’s crossed without even having to try that hard. She’ll think of every possible scenario in a blink of an eye and come up with the fastest way out of the maze before anyone else. She prides herself in tying up loose ends and getting sh*t done. She is your co-captain. She is your right hand woman. She is your ride or die. And, she cares nothing about the glory.
Release Shame: You’re not “over analytical” or “too in your head”. Your ability to assess situations and come up with the quickest and most efficient solution is what makes you so special. You are an essential part of any team and the work you enjoy doing is work most people would rather not do. That’s pretty damn cool! Just make sure you remember to have fun and let loose a little. Perfection doesn’t exist but you, my dear, are the closest we’ll ever get! Find a fun-loving friend, partner, or self-love coach to help you access more play, help you stretch, and live your highest potential.
Genius: Management & Planning
Motivation: How & Efficiency
Challenge: Being Spontaneous
Call on the Alchemist when you need someone to: Complete a task, Put out “fires”, Tie up loose ends, Plan a project or event  well especially if it has a lot of moving parts
What really helps the Alchemist: Put her in charge of the planning and making sure things get done right but remember, she doesn’t really want or care for the glory of it. Give her the starting point and the ending point, she can figure out the rest. Remind her a little spontaneity and going off the cuff is OK!

When we met, Kelly was an accomplished business owner with two employees in her consulting firm. She created great success with her keen ability to save money and get things done efficiently. Everyone around her was amazed at her ability to tie up loose ends, keep all i’s dotted, and all t’s crossed. However, when I met her, she felt she hit a plateau. She wanted to grow her team to accommodate the huge influx of new client prospects but, was having trouble managing her current employees and workload. Kelly hired me to help her continue growing her business. Even though Kelly built a well oiled machine, she needed to free up some of her time so she could focus on growing her business. Through our work together, I helped her loosen up control and place more trust in her existing team members. I helped her keep a high-level view of her business and team while also practicing a little spontaneity and going off the cuff. A few months into our work together, she was able to hire two more employees and take on five more clients, and counting! Kelly learned how to let go of perfectionism and harness the gifts of Rebel and Priestess energy and became a much better leader as a result.

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