There are over 146 ways Hypnotherapy can change your life

…and you won’t leave my office clucking like a chicken.

The thought of hypnotherapy might weird you out but I promise, it really works!
Hypnotherapy is my absolute favorite way to reduce stress, increase confidence, overcome fears, and eliminate bad habits.

Wanna know more?

Despite what the movies might tell you,

No… I can’t control your mind.
No… I can’t make you dance around like Bruno Mars.
No… I won’t send you to the “sunken place”.

In fact, you gain even more control of your mind and habits when you work with me.

If you’re intrigued at all, send me an e-mail and I’d be happy to answer any questions.
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What can hypnosis help me with?

Increasing Confidence & Self Esteem, Fears & Phobias, Eliminating Bad Habits, Metaphysical & Energy Issues, Healing Past Lives, Reducing Stress, Accomplishing Goals, Physical Ailments, Strengthening Mystical & Spiritual Connection, Dating & Relationship Issues, and so much more…

If you have a specific concern and want to know if hypnotherapy can help, just ask!


About Amelia

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Amelia Fortes, C. Ht. is an Honors Graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI). HMI is the first ever nationally accredited college with a robust program teaching hypnotherapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique), NLP (neurolinguistic programming), and healing.

Amelia is a Therapeutic Imagery Master and a member of the American Hypnosis Association and prestigious HMI Founder’s Club. She is also the recipient of several awards including the Director's Award and Clinical Achievement Award (HMI’s highest achievement).

Amelia has spoken several times at the American Hypnosis Association helping her fellow hypnotherapists be better for their clients, themselves, and ultimately, the world.

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You deserve a magical life

Amelia has a gift for activating your deepest truth and helping you get what you want faster. If you’re feeling stuck, passionless, overwhelmed, or frustrated for any reason, she can definitely help you.

Amelia also sends self-love tips every week, hosts an online healing circle every Tuesday and a podcast about self-love with new episodes coming out every Thursday.
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Client success stories

Angie’s transition from Employee to Entrepreneur

When I first met Angie, an aspiring entrepreneur and certified fitness instructor, she had big hopes and dreams to leave the service industry and lead women’s empowerment classes and seminars. She received her certification as a fitness instructor earlier that year but did not yet start her business. She was scared to make the leap from her safe and secure job to being on her own as a teacher and leader. I assured her that I could help her make a clean and safe transition while also pushing her outside of her comfort zone. With my support, Angie was able to start the transition from employee to entrepreneur. We worked closely to make sure she went at her own pace. Within a few sessions, she began leading paid workshops and classes in her local community. She enjoyed making a little extra money on the side while not feeling the pressure to leave her safety net. She knows that one day, she will be able to successfully transition to full-time fitness instructor and is proud of her progress every single day.

Nicolette goes from stuck to sales goal queen

Nicolette is a successful sales rep at an international engineering firm. She contacted me because she was having trouble hitting her weekly and monthly sales goals. From our discussions, we discovered that she hit a rough patch due to some unresolved emotional issues. She felt stuck and on most days she was not excited to make her sales calls. She described it as feeling like the “phone weighed 800 pounds”. Through our work, I helped her with some energy healing, balancing her chakras, and restored that excited, light feeling she used to have about her sales calls. Within a few sessions, she was back on track and by the end of the year anded up exceeding her sales goals!

From desperate to dream girl

Liz knew she had unconscious blocks getting in the way of her love life. She was learning how to love herself more and date smarter yet kept ending up on dates with less than ideal prospects. She came to me to help her uncover limiting beliefs, learn how to be vulnerable, and open up to love. Liz is a big fan of fantasy and adventure so, I did a series of mythic and archetypal therapeutic imagery journeys for her. We had a blast. After just one session, Liz was already opening up to bigger and better possibilities for love. We consciously worked on her limiting beliefs, I taught her how to unlock her feminine genius to magnetize love, and we put together a dating plan she was really excited about. She was amazed to find she was meeting better men and having a blast dating. She is now in a new relationship with the kind of man she would have never believed existed before we started working together. We continue to work on her dating and relationship skills to deepen connection and intimacy with her and her partner.


save money, ask about available packages

Most people see results after the first one or two sessions however, for maximum transformation it is recommended to start with at least six sessions.


Learn more about hypnotherapy

Interview with amelia explaining hypnotherapy

In this 22nd episode of Tsunami Healing, Amelia will share all about how hypnotherapy and reprogramming your Subconscious mind can help you eliminate bad habits, overcome fear, and increase self-esteem.

Audio length: 50:58 (Hypnotherapy explanation at 28:24 - 34:30).


Training your mind for success

In this video, Amelia will explain exactly how hypnotherapy works and why people choose this modality as a way to heal or get results.

Video length: 05:54

Instructions for self hypnosis

Amelia Flower Crown SQUARE.png

To get an idea of what a hypnotherapy session might be like for you, listen to this recording where Amelia guides you through a basic self-hypnosis technique.

Audio length: 08:32


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