Before we get to the questions, you need to



Think of at least one time when you were truly “in the zone” and doing your best work.

You were doing something you loved, it came naturally to you, and you knew it was good work.

You weren’t really concerned with criticism nor did you worry about whether or not you were doing it right. You knew you were doing it right.

Once you have come up with at least one time you were “in the zone”, imagine yourself back there.

See yourself performing the task. Notice how you looked, how you behaved, and what was going on around you.

When you are ready, click “I’m in the Zone!” below.

IMPORTANT: Only go on to the questions when you are “in the zone” and have a clear picture of this scenario or event. Both questions will be about this event.

Having trouble getting “in the zone”?

Here are some Examples to help you:

  • Creating a piece of art in a format you are naturally gifted at i.e. painting, drawing, sculpting, sewing, graphic designing, etc.

  • Performing in a way that brings you joy and you are naturally gifted at i.e. dancing, public speaking, acting, etc.

  • Doing a project/task at work/school that came easily to you. Maybe others were struggling with it but, you were doing awesome, really proud of the results, and maybe even enjoyed it i.e. putting together a report/analysis, presentation, project plan, budget, etc.

  • A time you got lost in your work because you were so into it and knew you could get to the finish line without much struggle i.e. computer programming/coding, calculating, designing, blueprinting, etc.

  • A time you worked in a team and had great synergy and amazing results i.e. playing sports, group project at school/work, board meeting, etc.