Self Love & Relationships Spotlight Coaching Package

Self Love & Relationships Spotlight Coaching Package

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Private 3-month 1-on-1 coaching and healing program to transform your love life with pre-work & post-work.

Over our 3 months together, we will explore and learn how to avoid the 5 Deceptions getting in the way of the partnership you desire.

Deception 1: Denying Your True Desires

Deception 2: Unhealthy Power Play

Deception 3: Energetic Entanglement with the Past

Deception 4: Unconscious & Harsh Judgment of Others

Deception 5: Checklists > Values

When you purchase this package, you will receive practical tips for getting your love right AND profound healing to attract the partnership you desire.

This package is appropriate for singles as well as those in committed relationships.

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Private 3-month 1-on-1 coaching and healing program to transform your love life with pre-work & post-work.

Over our 3 months together, we will explore and learn how to avoid the 5 Deceptions getting in the way of the partnership you desire.

Understanding & Healing Deception #1: Denying Your True Desires

One main reason most people get stuck in the area of dating and relationships is because the truth is, they are are straight up lying to themselves about what they really want. When we explore this deception, I will teach you how to recognize when you are doing this and how to stop. The first step towards a better love life is to be lovingly honest and admit to yourself your true desires.

When you lovingly connect with what your heart truly desires, anything is possible and the strategy to get there becomes simple.

Every single one of my clients have some form of denying what they truly want. The #1 reason clients work with me is because I can wield the knife of clarity with so much love, compassion, and understanding that we quickly cut through all the BS and get down to the deepest truth.

Your happiness and success requires you to be super honest with yourself about what you really want and your capacity for sex or romantic intrigue.

In this exploration, we get super honest and will most likely uncover some pleasant surprises along the way!

Tina’s Success:

When we met, Tina had the tendency to convince herself she was happy without a committed relationship and was just having fun "for now". In our sessions, we cut through that BS pretty quickly. Being "okay with casual sex" is one of the worst lies you can tell yourself. I helped Tina see that if she was often left feeling confused, frustrated, anxious, or defeated after romantic encounters, it was highly likely she was not being honest with herself in many ways. With the knife of clarity, she was able to let go of the wrong guys more quickly and started attracting much better dating prospects.

Understanding & Healing Deception #2: Unhealthy Power Play

Another major pitfall singles (and couples) face is the fact that they are entering dating situations and relationships with an uneven playing field. Either they think they are not good enough for their partner so they compensate what they want and don’t speak up OR, they get into a little bit of arrogance or superiority and start nitpicking their partner thinking “if only they changed XYZ” then everything will be all good and get stuck in a cycle of contempt and unhappiness.

This vicious cycle means that on some level you either:

  1. Think you’re less than the person you are dating or

  2. Think somehow they’re less than you or

  3. Some combination of 1 & 2.

Regardless of your specific dynamic, this leaves you either in the unhappy-and-frustrated zone but never the happy-healthy-commitment-zone.

In this exploration, we will start to even the playing field for you so you can move forward in your love life with ease and grace.

Diana’s Success:

When we met, Diana was frustrated beyond sanity. She was stuck in this cycle of men ghosting her (out of nowhere!) or having boring and uninteresting men chase her. Through our work, Diana was able to accept she was in these really annoying cat and mouse patterns due to her own intimacy issues. She realized she was being overprotective of herself to the point that she was unconsciously closed off to love. After a few sessions, Diana was able to safely let down her walls and learned how to magnetize great men she could feel safe with.

Understanding & Healing Deception #3: Energetic Entanglement with the Past

After a few sessions, most of my clients discover they have an unconscious, energetic hook into the past that is getting in the way of the love life they desire.

This “hook” or entanglement is something from the past (good or bad) that is blocking them from their truest expression of happiness.

Oftentimes, these “hooks” come from our earliest experiences with our caretakers and what we learned by observing the romantic relationships of the grown ups in our lives when we were children.

In this exploration, we will begin to “unhook” you from energetic entanglements you no longer need.

Pam’s Success:

Before working together, Pam found herself consistently dating unavailable men. After each breakup, she felt increasingly devastated. Feeling like she would not be able to survive another heartbreak, this was a pattern she was eager to break. After a few sessions, we uncovered the root cause of this pattern, gently unpacked it, and worked at her pace to change her behavior. Now, she meets men she would have never thought existed before working together and her dating experiences have vastly improved.

Understanding & Healing Deception #4: Unconscious & Harsh Judgment of Others

Anyone who is having trouble with love has some unconscious beliefs and biases going on that are working against them.

These unconscious beliefs will often point to any unresolved issues from your past and are usually rooted in anger, fear, and/or loss of trust.

In this exploration, we will begin to uncover what those are for you and clear them out so you can be as open to the love you desire as possible.

Sherene’s Success:

When we met, Sherene honestly thought her love life was all good. She reached out to me because she knew she had a history of “bad patterns” in love and wanted to proactively heal those patterns. Through our work together, Sherene and I quickly discovered she had a lot of clutter in her mind related to men and relationships. She thought she was being open to love but realized she was pretty closed and there was constant negative self-talk. I spent some time teaching her the profound gifts and benefits of the Divine Masculine and helped her find these gifts everywhere she looked. I gave her tools to mitigate the negative chatter. She immediately started attracting better men and now, she almost never has to deal with disrespect.

Understanding & Healing Deception #5: Checklists > Values

This deception refers specifically to the infamous checklist.

Here's the truth, people aren’t a list of features, benefits, or boxes to be ticked off so you can decide if you want to upgrade to premium or not.

If you don’t want to be reduced to a list of objective items, don’t do that to your romantic prospects or partners.

In this exploration, we will get the values that matter most so you can make healthier choices in the realm of love, dating, and romance.

Mary’s Success:

When I started working with Mary, she was obsessed with her checklist and the superficial "features" of the men she dated. She would go crazy over a guy just because he knew how to read an astrological birth chart and passed her “first date interviews” with flying colors. I helped her realize that just because a man knows about zodiac signs and “says the right things”, it doesn't necessarily mean he is a viable partner. We spent time unpacking her deep rooted belief systems and unconscious patterns and discovered healthier ways of relating to men. She now has a lot more fun dating and meeting men without getting attached too quickly.

After understanding and healing these 5 Deceptions, you will be amazed at what’s possible in your love life that you couldn’t even imagine before this exploration.

Liz’s Journey from Desperate to Dreamgirl

When I met Liz, she knew she had unconscious blocks getting in the way of her love life.

She was learning how to love herself more and date smarter yet kept ending up on dates with less than ideal prospects. She came to me to help her uncover limiting beliefs, learn how to be vulnerable, and open up to love.

Liz is also a big fan of fantasy and adventure so, in addition to coaching, we did a series of mythic and archetypal therapeutic imagery journeys for her healing.

It was a blast.

After just one session, Liz was already opening up to bigger and better possibilities for love. We consciously worked on her limiting beliefs, I taught her how to unlock her feminine genius to magnetize love, and we put together a dating plan she was really excited about.

She worked the plan and was amazed to find she was meeting better men and having a blast dating.

She is now in a new relationship with the kind of man she would have never believed existed before we started working together.

We continue to work on her dating and relationship skills to deepen connection and intimacy with her and her partner. We are both excited to see where this thrill ride can take us!

Amelia’s Journey through Love


(Single & Hate-Loving It)

I used to go out a lot clubbing in New York City pretending I was happy without a partner but deep down knew I wanted long lasting love and romance. I found myself stuck in a vicious cycle of chasing emotionally unavailable men and rejecting decent guys who were “too available”.

I was completely disconnected from the fact that I was lonely AND terrified of men. Intimacy was excruciating and I was either partying or serial dating to numb the pain.

I used humor, intelligence, and sassy remarks to keep men at arm’s length. I was a BULLDOZER. (The guys I really liked just weren't approaching me or asking me out OR decent men who I found boring or unattractive were pursuing me and I wasn’t interested).

I (low-key) hated happy couples. I wanted what they had but I couldn’t fathom how to get there. I cruised from club to club, hook up to hook up, and boyfriend to boyfriend before realizing I was miserable and needed to make a change.

I realized, I needed to do some deep inner work, strengthen my self-esteem and self-love, and make myself a priority in order for my love life to truly work.


(The Place I Can Take You)

I now have a deep and meaningful partnership I couldn’t even fathom existed during my single days.

Justin and I live together in a beautiful complex 8 minutes from the ocean in Huntington Beach, CA and are setting ourselves up for a marriage and kids.

I wake up every day with a delicious and handsome man by my side as my equal and partner. He not only challenges me (in the best way) but we are committed to growing together in love and success.

Our journey together has been freeing and our love continues to grow deeper roots every day.

You can have this and so much more.

And there’s no one in the world better than me to show you how to get it.

Are You Ready?

I’d love to work with you but, I need you to know…

This work is not for everyone.


  1. Action takers - you’re willing to do what it takes to get what you want

  2. Willing to take responsibility and trust the process - All of your knowledge and habits led you up to this point and you’re ready and excited to discover blind spots, overcome obstacles, and create a new reality for yourself even if it might feel difficult or uncomfortable at times. You understand that we sometimes need to grow through discomfort and you want someone who can challenge you and support you through it.

  3. Ready to step into your power and create deep and meaningful partnership - You know you want deep and long-lasting love but, you’re clear there are some things in the way. You’re ready to overcome those things and heal to create something different beyond what you even thought possible! The best part is, your perfect partner is out there and ready for you too!

If you’re ready for a powerful, deep, and sexy love life and you’re a go getter who doesn’t have time to f*ck around then working with me might be the right step for you.

When you purchase this package, you will receive practical tips for getting your love right AND profound healing to attract the partnership you desire.

This package is appropriate for singles as well as those in committed relationships.

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More About Amelia Fortes

Amelia Fortes C. Ht., is an intuitive energy healer, inspirational speaker and self-love coach. She specializes in helping people transform their dating madness into romantic magic, find their ideal career direction, and she can even translate your dreams.

She grew up the youngest of five siblings in a single parent household in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

After graduating from New York University with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, working on Wall Street in New York City, and running her own online skincare business for a few years, Amelia decided to take her corporate and business skills, mix it with her passion for teaching, performing, and entertaining, and create a brand new lifestyle for herself. She wanted a creative and passionate life of freedom so she followed her dreams to sunny Los Angeles, California.

Amelia is a former Wall Street financial analyst who traded in her fancy office and masculine power suits for the sweet life of a feminine genius. She founded the company Self Love Story to help teach women the art of being blissfully feminine to achieve their deepest desires. Her greatest passion is showing you how to love yourself at a deeper level and make self care a priority.

As a love & relationship expert, she uses her intuition and loving guidance to help frustrated singles feel free and delicious in their romantic life.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, if you seek more romance or intimacy, Amelia can help you get there. She has traveled the world speaking on many stages and her workshops are a spontaneous adventure and transformational journey, to say the least.